Top 7 Best Chat Lines and Top Best Online Dating Apps

Do your busy lifestyle and career get in the way of meeting your perfect match? Are you struggling to find a compatible partner? If your answer to both questions is “yes”, then you are not alone. Millions of singles all over the world have the same dilemma. 

The good news is; modern technology has innovated ways for singles to meet other singles with the same interests and preferences or even a potential partner. This is through the Chat Lines and Online Dating Apps. Let’s dig deeper into these two online dating options which defy the nature of traditional dating.

What’s a Chat Line?

A chat line is basically a secure phone system that allows singles to connect and communicate with one another. It offers a straightforward and direct approach to meet new people under various interests, preferences, and gender orientations. Chat lines allow singles to interact, talk about various topics, have some adult fun, and explore unique ways to socialize through an efficient phone-in service.

Chat lines are uncomplicated and easy to use. Premier chat line companies also offer Free trials for curious singles who want to have a hands-on experience first on how it works and what it can offer.

What’s an Online Dating App?

An Online Dating App is a mobile or web-based application/program that allows singles to find an ideal match. It also makes use of a smartphone’s GPS features to conveniently locate singles within an area or pre-defined perimeter. It also allows users to access profiles of other singles using the app.

The usual mechanics involve browsing through profiles by swiping left and right or scrolling to find a potential match. Some apps offer an advanced electronic matching system to come up with compatible matches based on the information provided. While there are free online dating apps that can readily be downloaded, some require paid membership.

What’s the difference between a Chat Line and Online Dating App?

Both Chat Lines and Online Dating Apps can connect you to thousands of other singles within your area. They are both designed for social interaction and faster dating. However, some major differences can be noted;

Chat Lines

  • 100% call in service that allows instant connection with other singles.
  • Faster way to socialize because you can listen to voice recordings of other singles and send a chat invite right away.
  • Offers a more personal way to interact.
  • You have the option to remain unanimous.
  • You rely on a person’s character rather than physical looks and impressive profiles.
  • Can be used anytime you need someone to talk to or interact with
  • Offers Free Trial.

Online Dating Apps

  • Downloading of the app is required.
  • You must build an impressive profile and upload your best photo.
  • The information you provide is accessible to other users.
  • You can browse through the uploaded images of other singles and select the one you find most attractive.
  • Electronic matching system enables you to find a compatible partner.
  • You have the option to choose between free apps or paid apps.

To get you started on a fun and exciting online dating venture, here are the top 7 Chat Lines and Top 7 Online Dating Sites you can consider.

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Woman using chat lines | TOP 7 Phone Chats

Top 7 Chat Lines

1. Social Voice USA

Social Voice USA is a premier and popular chat line service that features the largest community of singles who are ready to chat, engage in private conversations, and meet up. It has a solid history in terms of online dating and takes pride in its reliable and highly secure system. It has become a consistent favorite because of its fun, decent and diverse chat line community. It is available from coast to coast and offers a generous 60-minute Free Trial.

2. Chatline Dating

Chatline Dating offers the latest trend in chat lines. It features a fresh community of singles that are more adventurous and daring in terms of phone dating. It also has a steady and secure platform that keeps all conversations private.

With its growing number of active users, it is increasingly becoming a top choice among singles that are new to chat lines as well as those who want to explore online dating their access: Most users are young professionals who are looking for somebody to share their stories and experiences with. Thus, it is the best choice of chat line for entry levels.

3. Livelinks

Livelinks offers one of the largest networks in terms of local phone dating within North America. It has gained extreme popularity due to its efficient customer service, affordable paid packages, and Free Trial. It is a secure chat line where singles are free to chat and flirt with other singles.

Aside from providing the benefit of instant connection, it also features a diverse community of singles who are willing to socialize and interact however way you choose. Livelinks also offer a 60-minute Free Trial.

4. Vibeline

Vibeline is a steadily-growing chat line that features an amazing community of black singles. Aside from providing instant connection, it also features a diverse community of singles under different fields of interest and who are looking for different ways to interact. Whether you want to share your secrets with someone or you simply want to engage in a friendly chat, Vibeline has got you covered. Vibeline offers 30-minute Free Trial.

5. Fonochat

Fonochat is originally established to connect single and like-minded Latinos within North America. To date, it has become one of the fastest-growing chat lines with an increasing number of users and active members. It also has a secure platform that maintains the confidentiality of callers. If you want to discover the passion and sensuality of single Latinos, Fonochat offers a full 30 minutes of Free Trial.

6. Tango Personals

Tango Personals is a popular chat line that connects singles that are serious about finding a date or potential partner. It is for those who particularly want to establish new friendships, solid acquaintances, and romantic relationships. It has also become well-known for its professional dating services which account for its increasing number of active members.

Tango Personals’ chat line community mainly consists of singles that are looking for meaningful conversations rather than just flirting and casual hookups. To satisfy your curiosity, this chat line offers 20-minute Free Trial.

7. theChatlineNumbers

One good thing about theChatlineNumbers is its constant reliability. Considered a fresh addition to the growing list of premier chat lines, it features a wholesome package and a clean brand image. It is ideal for singles that want to establish friendships and meaningful acquaintances. It is perhaps the most undemanding chat line because it focuses on friendly conversations and sharing of interests.

If you are intimidated by the idea of talking to strangers, theChatlineNumbers is the perfect choice for you because of its pleasant chat environment. To get free access to chat line numbers follow

TOP 7 Online Dating Apps

Top 7 Online Dating Apps

1. Tinder

Tinder has gained popularity worldwide because of its hip and trendy brand image. It has become one of the top choices of dating apps among the younger generation. You can browse through profiles of active members, view their photos, and swipe left or right to take action.


 DateMyAge is an online dating app designed for mature singles (aged 40 and above). Its marketing campaign mainly focuses on finding a solid relationship or partnership based on common interests. It is for mature singles all over the world who are still struggling to find their perfect match.

3. Topface

Topface offers a fresh take when it comes to online dating. It allows users to chat and flirt with their matches and to view profiles of other members from around the world. You can register or use your Facebook account to get started. The format is based on social media concepts and gives a lot of emphasis on looks and personality. So if you are confident enough, Topface may be worth a shot to find an ideal match.

The format is based on social media concepts and gives a lot of emphasis on looks and personality. So if you are confident enough, Topface may be worth a shot to find an ideal match.

4. has gained extreme popularity in the online dating industry. It has become a top destination for finding dates, an ideal partner, friendship, and even marriage. It takes pride in its huge population and worldwide coverage. To date, it has established an unimaginable list of successful matches and serious relationships.

5. Badoo

Badoo is also a popular online dating app designed for singles that want to score dates and meet new acquaintances that match their personality and interests. It features a fun and informal way of meeting new people through a casual environment. It is ideal for singles who want to make new friends widen their network as well as those who simply want to flirt and have fun.

6. OkCupid

OkCupid is a primarily American-based dating site that is accessible internationally. It features multiple-choice questions to determine members that have matching personalities. It offers a fun platform that is very appealing to millennial users. With its social networking aspect, it is increasingly gaining popularity among those who want to widen their network.

7. Zoosk

Compared to other online dating apps, Zoosk has maintained a relatively low profile despite its intelligent matchmaking system. It is labeled as a dating app that enables users to find their ideal partners using a Behavioral Matchmaking engine. Although it’s less popular, its platform is quite more impressive than other dating apps because it can produce matches that are more accurate.

Final Words

Making a choice between Chat Lines and Online Dating Apps is crucial to your success in meeting new people and finding a potential partner. Assess both options carefully to identify which would work best for you depending on your preferences and style.

Take into consideration factors such as instant connection and faster interaction. Ideally, it is best to choose the one that would highlight your personality and amazing character. Good luck on your venture.

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Top 10 Tips For Dating Online

If you’re a modern-day Cinderella who’s actively searching for a Prince Charming, or perhaps a Knight in Shining Armor who’s looking for a damsel in distress, you might have already heard about various dating apps and dating sites.

Much hype is given over the idea of finding a perfect match online. In connection to this, you might have already heard about Miss Social Media who met her Mr. Right via a dating site. But did they live happily ever after?

Despite the fairytale-like possibilities that dating sites and apps hold, it is always best to manage your expectations. Remember, a “happy-ever-after” is not always a guarantee but who says you cannot have all the fun you can get?

Here Are Top 10 Tips if You’re Into Online Dating;

1. Don’t share personal information.

Just because you’re talking to someone whose voice sounds like your hot celebrity crush doesn’t mean that he’s that guy. Don’t be gullible enough to share your entire biography. Remember, you’re not applying for a job and you’re not marrying the guy. You’re just having fun.

That’s what online dating is all about. You can have fun but you have to protect yourself and your identity above everything else. So don’t be fooled by sexy voices and pretty pictures. What’s in your mind is only in your mind.

2. Don’t agree to meet up immediately.

You might say; “what’s the point of using online dating sites and apps if we can’t hang out and have an actual date?” Here’s some reality check. Are you supposed to meet up with complete strangers? Haven’t you heard about fake profiles, date rapes, and obsessed stalkers? Technically, online dating means meeting new people; like potential partners, who share your interests and preferences.

While this is true, we don’t live in a perfect world where everyone is spared from ogres and monsters. A lot of them exist online. So to be on the safe side, don’t agree to meet up right away. You can flirt and talk all you want, even get a little naughty, but don’t agree to meet up with a complete stranger.

3. Don’t be fooled by impressive profiles.

It’s so easy to lie online. In fact, the internet is the perfect place where you can build a perfect profile for the world to see. The internet allows you to create your own make-believe fantasy world where you can be anyone you choose. So if you can do such thing online, then you can also make the people you meet online to believe it.

So don’t be fooled by impressive profiles and gorgeous looks. Sometimes, those are just illusions which are meant to lure your attention and interest. Although this is not always the case, it happens most of the time – especially for those who want to score a date.

4. Manage your expectations.

Online dating doesn’t guarantee a fairy tale kind of love. What it can offer is fun, excitement and an opportunity to explore different things. So if you are a hopeless romantic, maybe it’s about time that you open up your mind on what’s real and what’s not.

There’s no denying that online dating apps and sites are intriguing. And, it’s also natural for you to become curious on what it has in store for you. But let’s get the facts straight; online dating is all about meeting new people and having a means to socialize. True love is an entirely different thing. So let nature take its course and stop feeding your illusions. Just let loose and have fun.

5. Be natural.

When dating online, it’s best to act naturally. Avoid being pretentious. Pretending to be someone you’re not can add pressure to the situation. So just be “you” and be proud of the uniqueness of your personality. You’d be amazed at how fun and exciting it can be once you find someone whom you can connect and share interests with.

Also, don’t be intimidated by the idea of talking to a stranger – even if you don’t find a common ground. Sometimes, the most unexpected friendships can unfold in the most unlikely situations. So as much as you want to stay guarded, be friendly and pleasant as well.

6. Learn to say “no”.

Online dating is a liberating experience. You would most likely come across singles that can make you feel uncomfortable especially those with bizarre dating habits. If it’s not your style, don’t give in and just say “no”. Don’t force yourself to discuss and do things you’re not comfortable with. Remember, online dating is supposed to be fun. So if you don’t like what’s going on in your date, you can always drop the conversation and forget about it.

7. Don’t talk about your ex.

Talking about your past relationships can be very awkward towards the other party. It can make your online date feel uncomfortable and unimportant. Talking about your previous relationship is an indication that you’re not over with it yet and you’re merely looking for a rebound.

While it’s fine for others to talk about their ex, there’s no relevance in doing so. It’s all in the past and what matters is the present. Besides, there are a handful of topics that can make an online date interesting and your ex is not one of them.

8. Don’t get drunk while online dating.

Although it feels comforting and relaxing to have a glass of wine while online dating, it is actually a recipe for disaster. Remember not to have too much alcohol while talking to a stranger or you might end up spilling the beans.

Drinking while online dating is much like drinking and driving. You can literally get into trouble. So to put everything under control and to restrain yourself from saying unnecessary things, don’t get drunk while you’re on an online date. 

9. Maintain a curiosity gap.

Finding an online date that makes your heart flutter and skip a beat can be quite overwhelming. However, don’t act too crazy about it. Even princesses have to wait for the right time to be with their prince. Why? It’s because choosing the right person in your life requires certainty. Moreover, honest and genuine relationships take time and hard work.

So don’t reveal yourself and your feelings after just a few online dates. Allow your friendship to flourish without forcing it. Stay curious about each other especially with regards to your interests and personal life. Maintain a certain amount of gap that only time and sincerity can fill in.

10. Be selective of your online dates.

You don’t have to give in to every online date. You have the freedom to narrow down your options. This can increase the quality of your online dates and increase the chances of you finding someone you’re compatible with.

Being selective also makes you feel more optimistic about your dates knowing that you have shortlisted the best you could find and who are worthy of your time.

Following these basic tips can give you a good head start with your online dating venture. These tips can also help you separate your illusions from reality. Online dating is a good way to meet people as long as you know how to set proper boundaries and know exactly the perfect time to tear them down. 

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