About Us

Hi there! I’m Belle and I’m so glad that you found my blog.
Allow me to share with you my story.

Exactly a year ago, I got out of a 3-year relationship with a guy named Tim. It was a painful breakup which crushed me severely. Tim and I met when I was 26 years old through a common friend in a wedding reception. We hit it off instantly. A month after we first met, we decided to get into a serious relationship. 

The first year of our relationship was blissful. On the second year, we were more on a comfortable level. Before we hit the third year, it all started to become uncertain but I decided to hang on. I was about to surprise him on our third anniversary when I caught him cheating with a girl from his office. That’s when I realized that it’s time to let go, leave the past, and move on.

I struggled for about three months after we broke up. I decided to give up dating and to focus on my career. I didn’t want to feel sorry for myself so I went out with friends. However, I refused to entertain other men because I didn’t want to waste my time and energy on something I wasn’t ready for. 

Until one night, as I was browsing online, I came across Vibeline. The ad was so catchy that it triggered my curiosity. I read about it and decided to give it a shot – just to see what it’s all about. I dialed its Free Trial number and got amazed with the whole experience. It was both liberating and exciting. It gave me an intense adrenaline rush as I got instantly connected with other singles who are complete strangers. 

Vibeline gave me something to look forward to during my dullest and loneliest days. It allowed me to meet other singles and have phone dates with no strings attached. On some days when I needed someone to talk to, I would come across singles that I can share my interests and hobbies with. It’s amazing how much I can learn from them. There was also this one time when I did a little flirting with a guy who sounded hot and sexy. It gave me a thrilling experience without necessarily exposing myself. Vibeline allowed me to socialize, meet amazing singles, and play a little. 

I’m aware that there are many other chat lines that work in a similar way. It’s all about finding the right one for you. For me, I found a friend and a hot date through Vibeline. I may not be ready to get into a relationship right now but who says I can’t have an exciting life after Tim? 

Again, my name is Belle. I’m single, turning 31 soon and a proud member of a growing chat line community. Come and join me in meeting new singles.